Testnet is running Secure Cadence!

Update 10th June
We realized that the permissionless contract deployments in combination with the current implementation of the contract removal feature could be used to circumvent the contract update validation checks we have in place. To ensure we donโ€™t compromise the safety of the applications running on Flow, we have made contract removal temporarily permissioned on Testnet โ€“ just like it already currently already is on Mainnet.
We are working on a proper implementation of contract removal and hope to deploy it in an upcoming spork, at which time we will turn back on permissionless contract removal.
We recommend to work around this issue by creating a new account to use for testing or adding version to your contact name when introducing backwards incompatible changes.

Hi Everyone!

We are happy to let you know that Testnet was updated to Secure Cadence. To learn more about this release, see the release notes.

Please start testing your dapps ASAP to make sure you are ready for the Mainnet spork planned for June 15th - that is Wed next week!
This Cadence release includes a number of breaking changes, so it is very important to update your code and test your dapp thoroughly!

You should also update the tools you are using to their latest releases: Emulator v0.33.1, CLI v0.36.0, Go SDK v0.26.1.

We also want to remind everyone that Testnet is for testing your dapps, not for finding vulnerabilities or penetration testing of this release! However, we appreciate your help in testing this major release and if you would like to help, we have a network for that! If you find a vulnerability or suspect you may have found one, please follow the
Flow Responsible Disclosure Policy to reporting issues or asking question related to Flow security.

Thanks and happy testing!

Flow Team