Permissionless Contract Deployment Progress! πŸš€

Update July 5th 2022

Permissionless deployment is now available! :tada:

:steam_locomotive: Path to Permissionless Contract Deployment

Milestone Schedule Date Status
Secure Cadence Audit Kickoff Late March, 2022 :white_check_mark: Done
Spork: Variable Transaction Fee Vote Kick Off April 6th, 2022 :white_check_mark: Done
Segmented Transactions Enabled [Testnet] April 27th, 2022 :white_check_mark: Done
Secure Cadence Implementation Mid May, 2022 :white_check_mark: Done
Secure Cadence Bug Bounty Begins Mid May, 2022 :white_check_mark: Done
Segmented Transactions Enabled [Mainnet] June 1, 2022 :white_check_mark: Done
Secure Cadence Testnet Release June 8 9, 2022 :white_check_mark: Done
Spork: Secure Cadence Released June 15, 2022 :white_check_mark: Done
Secure Cadence Audits Concluded June 21, 2022 :white_check_mark: Done
:rocket: Permissionless Deployment Available! :rocket: July 5th, 2022 :white_check_mark: Done

How does this affect me?

I am a developer

There are actions required if you have already deployed a smart contract on testnet or mainnet.

β†’ I deployed a smart contract on testnet and/or mainnet

Immediate actions

  • Review the upcoming Secure Cadence breaking changes and test your contracts for breaking changes
  • June 9th, 2022 is when Secure Cadence breaking changes were deployed to testnet. Make sure you test your contracts on Testnet before deploying any changes to mainnet.
  • June 15th, 2022 is when Secure Cadence breaking changes were deployed to mainnet. If any of your contracts are impacted by the Secure Cadence breaking changes, please proceed to update your contracts ASAP to ensure proper functionality of your applications.

Below are a list of resources to help:

Time-sensitive actions

Date Action
Jun 9 Deploy/upgrade your updated contracts on TESTNET
Jun 9-14 Test your contracts extensively on TESTNET
Jun 15 Upgrade your updated contracts on MAINNET (or watch video)
Jun 15+ Monitor activity on MAINNET and let the team know if there is unexpected activity on Discord in our #cadence Channel

Optional but recommended actions

Quick links

β†’ I have not yet deployed a smart contract on testnet or mainnet

Then no immediate or time-sensitive action is required from you. Just make sure you are aware of the changes that are coming to Cadence and of the critical dates where these breaking changes will be live (June 8th on testnet, June 15th on mainnet). More on that here.

Previous Updates

Update June 13, 2022

Added links to docs on how to upgrade your mainnet contracts come June 15th. Also included a link to the video tutorial by our awesome community member Jacob Tucker.

Update June 9, 2022

Hooray :metal:,

Secure Cadence has been successfully sporked to testnet! Check the notes below for how you can use testnet to update your contracts to prepare for next week’s mainnet spork.

Update June 8, 2022

We ran into issues while performing the testnet spork. We are investigating those issues and will re-attempt the spork tomorrow (9th June) at 5:00 pm Pacific.
In the meantime, the Flow Testnet has been turned back on and is continuing from where it was earlier today.

Update June 1, 2022

This morning Segmented Transaction Fees were enabled on mainnet. With this more accurate transaction costing, Flow is a step closer to the release of Secure Cadence and Permissionless Deployment.

Update May 18, 2022

Hello Again!

Last week the Cadence team announced the beginning of the Secure Cadence Bug Bounty Program. This is an extension of the existing generous Flow bug bounty program, where participants can get early access to a network running the upcoming secure cadence release of Flow. Check out the Secure Cadence Bug Bounty Begins forum post for more information.

Reminder that the next big milestone will be the enabling of Segemented Transaction Fees on flow mainnet on June 1st, 2022. If you haven’t yet, check out the guide in the Flow docs and make sure your app is ready for this change.

Update May 27, 2022

If you are a developer on Flow and want to know more about how this affects you, and what you need to do in the leadup to permissionless deployment, we’ve just appended a new section for you directly below the Path to Permissionless Contract Deployment calendar.

Update: May 2, 2022


Last week was a big one for Flow and progress toward permissionless deployment!

To begin, on April 27th, 2022 Segmented Transaction Fees were enabled on Flow testnet. Since then, we’ve been working with teams to make sure their transactions operate as expected, and have been working through a few reported issues. Over the weekend, of 53,000 transactions on testnet, only 7 transactions took longer than expected to execute. We’re quite happy with these results and will be reporting more information as it comes in.

Next, on Friday April 29th the first Flow Governance Proposal was accepted by the community with 371.2k Flow voting to accept, a 95% approval rate. With the passing of this proposal the community has unlocked a major milestone for permissionless deployment. With current plans, segmented transaction fees will be enabled on mainnet on Wednesday, June 1st. Make sure to check out the guide to segmented transaction fees for help with testing your contracts.

Lastly, an important notice regarding Cadence as we move forward to permissionless deployment. The tentative release timeline for Secure Cadence and permissionless deployment has been established. While this is subject to change, Flow Testnet will be updated to Secure Cadence on June 8, 2022 followed by a mainnet deployment on Jun 15, 2022.

Please note: The June 8 spork will include breaking changes! Check out the detailed forum post for a guide on what to expect.

April 22nd, 2022
Hello Flow Community!

Voting on the first community proposal has been in progress for two weeks! While this vote was originally scheduled to end April 22nd, it has been extended through April 29th at 12pm PT / 9pm CET because of a bug with voting from ledger devices. Likewise, enabling segmented transaction fees on testnet has been delayed until April 27th. If you’re interested in more information on transaction fees, check out the new transaction fee guide.

As you can probably imagine, we have been very busy working on final changes for Secure Cadence. The development team’s efforts are now mostly focused on testing. The audits from NCC Group and Halborn are ongoing and there are no major findings at this time.

One last reminder – as mentioned in earlier posts – the secure cadence release introduces breaking changes and we are expecting required updates for most apps and contracts. We are finalizing the list of the breaking changes and will be posting an update on those changes very soon!

April 8th, 2022

Hey Everyone!

The week of April 4th has been another big one for Flow and the march toward permissionless contract deployment. The most recent spork on April 6th is complete and the network now officially supports improved transaction fee calculations.

With this feature available on mainnet it marks the beginning of the first ever Flow community vote to enable the new transaction fees! Enabling the new transaction fee calculations will help to better secure the network when permissionless deployment comes this summer.

You can already experiment with these updated transaction fees using the emulator and they will be rolled out to testnet next week.

April 4th, 2022

Hey Folks!

It’s been a big month as we continue on the road to Secure Cadence, the effort that will enable permissionless deployments by focusing on code-hardening, professional audits, and a bug bounty program.

The implementation of Secure Cadence is wrapping up; and we have now officially kicked off security audits with Halborn and NCC Group. These audits will continue through the next couple of months and will probe deeply into the Cadence language and the Flow Virtual Machine as part of efforts to harden Cadence security.

A critical milestone has been reached with variable transaction fee support unlocking permissionless deployments. Variable fees enable the community to incentivize desired behaviors that keep Flow healthy while maintaining lower fees for common transactions.

We are still on track for permissionless deployment this summer. We’ll keep you up-to-date as we continue to make progress in the weeks ahead!