Seeking feedback on Cadence Cookbook modernization

Hi Flow Fam,

We’re working on improvements to the Cadence Cookbook ( with a number of new changes that will be funded through grants. We’re still in early stages are working through the UI/UX changes with our amazing community member @lea_l. She recently provided a Figma with mock-ups for the proposed UI changes which we’d love to get your feedback on:

The overall idea is that the Cookbook will provide detailed recipes for specific problems that builders want to see working examples for. As a result they will be more detailed and deeper in nature than the developer documentation and serve as a natural complement to them. They will continue to be runnable in the Playground as well.


  • The additions of FAQs, progression and comments are merely an exploration. No commitments have been made to add these as yet and they would anyway be nice to have aspects that would come later.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the proposed UI change and also any suggestions you may have to further help improve the Cookbook!


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Awesome! Looks very nice!

It seems like the design assumes every recipe has a unique picture. This might be hard to follow in reality as we don’t have images for recipes. Can we design around it?

Love the content.

What would the difference between a label and category be and how would they be displayed on the recipe tile?

Design is not my strongest skill, but as a user it looks really nice.

Few technical ideas:

  • Integration with Cadence docs ( maybe some widget )
  • Interactive examples ( instead of leaving cookbook and running on playground, maybe some widget integrated with playground ) Especially for beginners this is really hard.
  • Testing & CI of cookbook recipes ( shouldn’t have any broken recipe because of Cadence or Blockchain changes )
  • Allow user to experiment; if there is a transaction in page, user can maybe edit it
  • Show or Reference some real world usages.
  • If I have 6 paragraphs of text, maybe making them somehow selectable and marking in the code section relevant information. ( it can work both ways maybe )
  • Video/Audio commentary would be really nice.
  • maybe we can integrate to recipe.
  • different languages and translations