Request for feedback on the next set of Metrika dashboards

Hello Flow Node Operators!

Metrika needs your feedback - if there is any specific metric or alert you would like to see that is not already covered, please let them know.

Earlier this year, Metrika released the Node Monitoring Platform (Introducing Node Monitoring for the Flow Network | by Metrika | Medium), initially focusing on system-level node insights and consensus-specific operations. Additionally, they launched the Network Overview dashboard, a public-facing community dashboard, offering insights into the overall health of the network.

Metrika is taking this initiative further by developing node-specific dashboards for Access, Collection, Verification, and Execution nodes.

:eyes: Kindly review this document outlining their plans for each of these role-specific dashboards. Metrika - Flow Node Details Dashboards - 1-Pager.pdf - Google Drive

Please can you review them and share your feedback by the end of July? Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of our monitoring solution, ensuring it caters to your specific needs as a Node Operator. You can share feedback via email, or via the metrika-node-monitoring discord channel or schedule a call (Calendly - Silvia Vlachou) with Metrika.

Based on your feedback, Metrika will release its roadmap that includes the anticipated timeline for implementing the new dashboards within H2.

Thank you,