Metrika node operator dashboard roadmap

Hello Flow Node Operators,

The roadmap for the Metrika node-specific dashboards is ready :rocket:

Thank you for your valuable feedback on our node-specific dashboards. Your contributions have been instrumental in shaping the monitoring solution to better cater to your specific needs.

Metrika is thrilled to share their roadmap for the implementation of the dashboards. (Metrika - Flow Node Details Dashboards - 1-Pager.pdf - Google Drive)
Here’s the timeline:
Access Node dashboard: by end of August
Collection Node dashboard: end of Q3
Verification Node dashboard: Q4
Execution Node dashboard: Q4/Q1

Metrika is committed to delivering these dashboards and providing you with comprehensive insights into your nodes’ performance and health.

If you have any additional feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Metrika at, discord, or schedule a call with them (Calendly - Silvia Vlachou). Your insights remain invaluable in driving the ongoing evolution of the monitoring tools.

Thank you,
Flow team