Paid Flow Development Mentor

Hey, everyone!

I’m creating an NFT Marketplace that hosts Flow/Cadence tutorial bundles that teach people how to create their own NFT Marketplace. This is part of a larger overall project (Check out

I’d like to pay a flow developer for help in creating these tutorials. I’m new to blockchain development/cadence, so we’d be creating documentation and videos based on what it takes to get me up to speed. I have prior experience with ruby on rails, writing APIs for iOS applications, and product development for this same project, so you’d be being paid to mentor someone who isn’t completely new to programming).

I’d like to discuss a way for us to price the engagement. I’m thinking a combination of hourly and percentage of NFTs created with their help on the platform would be a decent place to start (weighed more heavily on the hourly).

As an example, I’d love to set up a time to pay someone to help me walk through how to use the emulator on my computer and interact with the app via localhost. This could be extremely trivial for you and only take us 15 minutes to walk through, but I’d still pay the full hour session.

If you’re interested tutoring/mentoring on a flexible hourly basis, you can respond here with your email, or you can email me directly at