Looking for a developer to partner with on a project (details in post 👇)

Hey :wave:

The project is to build a marketplace to allow purchasing, holding and selling of NFTs by users (maybe FTs when I think about it). NFTs are released to the ‘market’ via an Auction, and once sold from Auction, NFTs are freely traded by users in the Marketplace. NFTs are created by the admin (this isn’t a User created NFT marketplace).

Front & back end abilities would be great but if not, back end is more important at this stage.

If this sounds interesting to you, I can detail more in a personal email. I’m looking to partner with someone on a paid, paid+equity, or equity only basis (flexible with arrangement).



Hey Dee, I am interested. If you’re still looking for someone please shoot me an email theo@pineappleworkshop.com