Invalid project configuration: raw private key is not valid

Keep getting this response when trying to use the private key generated via “flow keys generate” and using the emulator account. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for the help!

“emulator-account”: {
“address”: “f8d6e0586b0a20c7”,
“privateKey”: “PRIVATE_KEY”,
“chain”: “flow-emulator”,
“sigAlgorithm”: “ECDSA_P256”,
“hashAlgorithm”: “SHA3_256”


having the same issue trying to run a transaction locally using the flow-emulator

I found going flow init first and manually starting the server and then manually creating the rest of the flow.json file worked and then I did not get the error when creating accounts with flow accounts create

This solution did not work for me, but then again, I was using the Flow emulator.

@sideninja Do you know what might be going wrong here?

Try updating the CLI to the latest version and then using flow init.