Flow community I was scammed and swapped using:
do not use these folks they are not legit!

I sought help to transfer my Flowport tokens to a Blocto wallet. They assured me they could fix a bug with Flow and the node operator, allowing my wallet to connect to their server. However, during this process, I lost connection to their server and couldn’t access my tokens. They advised me to come back later, which I did. Unfortunately, upon returning, I discovered my tokens were stolen.

They promised to recover the tokens, but this only solidified my suspicion that they were scammers. To confirm my doubts, I mentioned having a separate hardware wallet (thankfully secure). They immediately requested the hardware wallet address, further proving their malicious intent.

Therefore, I urge you to remove this website from the forum and investigate if others have been affected. If possible, I would greatly appreciate assistance in recovering my stolen tokens and fixing my Blocto wallet to enable transfers from Flowport.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Very sorry for your lost, were you scammed in the forum or outside the forum?

in the forum

I am very sorry. Just checked our forum your post is the only remaining mention of the Thanks for reporting this.

Now I need flow assistance to get my flow tokens to a blocto wallet. ty