How to implement DEFI with FLOW-NFT? The way that pledge forms share

I formed several NFTS through smart contracts. Now I want to pledge NFT to multiple equally divided tokens (equally fragmented). What should I do? Who can give me a direction of thought? Can I do this directly through Blocto?

Sorry don’t understand you clearly… are you looking to fractionalize your NFTs something like does on Ethereum?

Yes, it is. Would you like to tell me anything about it?

In my opinion best way to do this is not using the FungibleToken interface but rather creating a FungibleTokens (plural) interface that adds an ID field to each Vault as well as the createEmptyVault function. This way you can create a FungibleToken (albeit to a new standard) for each NFT you fractionalize. The alternative is to deploy a new contract for every FungibleToken you want to create. Hope that helps

Hi, I was greatly inspired by your reply. Thank you very much.

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I’ve created an issue for this and a potential standardised solution flow-ft repo: