How to exchange cryptocurrency for US dollars or other fiat currencies in BLOCTO Wallet?

How can I exchange cryptocurrency into US dollars or other legal currencies in BLOCTO Wallet?Many users in my application project have FUSD, but they don’t have a convenient way to convert it into fiat currency. Tusdt exchanges need to be moved to other OTC platforms for sale, which is difficult for many beginning players. Is there any way to change it into DOLLARS more easily?

Hi @VsamuelC!

Currently, Blocto wallet doesn’t have an integration where users can exchange to fiat currency & I would even assume it would be a headache due to financial regulations, different jurisdictions and whatnot!

Unfortunately, one would have to follow the current process for off-ramps in terms of exchanging crypto to fiat-based on your location. I’m sure this is a feature that is on the top of mind for builders & hopefully we’ll see more accessibility in that area soon :slight_smile:

If I hear anything I’ll come back to reply to this post!

Ok, thank you very much. Hope to have a solution to this problem soon. This problem will directly constrain the development of many projects.

Nice Information, thanks for sharing