FUSD to Fiat without Teleport?


I’m thinking of making a Flow dApp and wanted to clarify a few things about cashing out to Fiat USD.

Apologies if this question has been asked before, but the following steps are currently the only way to go from FUSD to Fiat USD, correct?

  1. Swap FUSD for tUSDT
  2. Use Teleport to swap tUSDT to USDT
  3. Swap USDT to Ether
  4. Sell Ether for USD

Is there any way or are there any plans in the works to be able to cash out from FUSD to Fiat without switching to Ethereum or another blockchain? If anyone can provide insight that would be terrific.


I might be wrong, but doesn’t moonpay offer this service for FUSD? I haven’t looked but I know they offer buying. Do they not also offer selling?