#governance channel in Flow Discord

As FLOW governance ramps up I expect this forum to become more alive with interactions, votes and proposals. From what I’ve seen in other forums like MakerDAO, SushiSwap and ENS it is valuable to have a #governance channel on Discord for more informal discussions and temperature checks in addition to the Governance forum here.

We propose to have a governance channel created on FLOW’s discord server.

Happy to answer any questions or comments to that.

Hey Raph! Thanks for the suggestion! I think, for now at least, Governance discussion can take place in our #Developer channel on Discord. That said, as traffic picks up, we’ll definitely revisit creating a separate channel for Governance.

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Hey Trey!

Cool with that. Hope we’ll need that governance channel soon, though. Flow governance, LFG!

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The governance must be open to all, I think that a governance in a developed channel will restrict its appearance

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I agree and this is why we put this topic up. But as we can see from the overall activity here, things have yet to develop.

We expect a governance channel on discord at that point.