Gas price in Flow

Does Flow have any mechanism to change transaction fees depends on traffic like gas price in Ethereum?

I think it’s just a per-transaction fee, but I maybe wrong.

Hi. I understand that we need to raise the gas limit depending on the processing, but how does this relate to “Transaction Fees” below?

Is there a unit price for gas? Is it a constant? (How many FLOWs?).
If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know.

It seems that its constant. per transaction.

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, it looks like that. So is the gas limit currently a dummy? Or is it used for some other purpose? That is my question.

The gas fee calculation is currently a placeholder for now. We have a more sophisticated fee model in the works and we are going to share the work in progress version with the community soon to get feedback. Stay tuned!


Is it possible to give a back of the envelope figure for the costs of minting an NFT? We’re trying to ballpark some economics for an implementation.