Computation Limit Exceeded

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I am encountering an issue with the flow emulator. I deploy a contract interface NonFungibleToken which works fine. Then I switch accounts and deploy an impl of that interface NonFungibleTokenImpl and receive the following error message execution error code 100: Execution failed: computation limited exceeded: 10 as the response from fcl

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This error message means that your transaction exceeded the gas limit. You’ll need to increase the amount of gas you use in the sdk for the transaction.

If you are using FCL you can set this number with the fcl.limit builder.

await fcl.send([
  // ...
  fcl.limit(11), // turn limit up to 11
  // ...
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I have de same problem when I run a transaction :
error: computation limited exceeded: 1000
I don’t use FCL I run my transaction on testnet with flow cli.
How to increase the amount of gas in this condition please ?

Thanks for your help.

Ok sorry I found the response in the flow doc Send a Transaction with the Flow CLI - Flow Documentation