Fractional NFT's for Sports Events


Naive question (maybe). Can an NFT be created and issued as a season (lets say annual) ticket for a sports team with an allocated seat, let’s say 20 local games in a season. Can the NFT offer fractions lets say 20 - each being unique to the 20 games. So that the underlying owner of the NFT (season ticket) could sell fractions (i.e. one game at a time) rather than having to sell the main NFT.

Is this possible?

Many thanks and all abuse accepted.

This can for sure be done.

Would love to know how?

I think this is like pack logic, you buy pack, inside 20 uniq match tickets.

Thanks so effectively you create 1 pack (bundle) with 20 NFT’s rather than issue 1 NFT with 20 fractions to it

Yeah it is much useful like this tbh.