Flow Working Groups: "Open innovation" paradigm to build a sustainable future for Flow

Flow believes in the power of community-driven, collaborative problem-solving and is committed to involving this process in shaping its future. To achieve this, the Flow Foundation has established a series of Working Groups, each dedicated to a crucial aspect of the Flow ecosystem for full symmetry with Flow protocol and Flow ecosystem’s roadmap priorities. These groups aim to leverage the diverse talents, insights, and expertise of the Flow community to guide informed decisions that align with both the community’s needs and the continued growth of the network.

Flow Working Groups

With great excitement, Flow is introducing the launch of the following working groups:

  1. User Experience: Enabling developers to build delightful user experiences easily on Flow
  2. Wallet: Creating a multi-VM reference implementation developers can adapt and consumers can trust which provides a seamless and secure experience between Flow Cadence and EVM zones
  3. DeFi: Fostering a thriving Flow ecosystem via greater FLOW token utility, & liquidity incentives
  4. Cadence: Building a best-in-class programming environment to safely explore the power of on-chain logic
  5. Core Protocol: Building a future-proof architecture: efficiently scaling without compromising decentralization and composability
  6. Governance: Working towards a smooth and effective transition to on-chain governance

Who should join and why?

Everyone is invited to join the Working Groups. All you need is a passion for Flow!

As we embark on this collaborative journey, we invite each member of the Flow community to explore the Working Groups, discover where your passions align, and consider joining one or more groups to share your perspective. Participating in Working Groups give you early access to Flow priorities, provide opportunities to contribute to the Flow ecosystem, and is a great way to directly communicate with the core Flow Foundation teams.

Learn More

You can find detailed information about each of these six Working Groups, including their objectives, short-term and long-term priorities, sub-committees, instructions on how to join, and more, all on the official GitHub page: Flow Working Groups.


We are also excited to share a couple of updates regarding the organization of these Working Groups.

  1. First, the Tokenomics Working Group (TWG), which previously existed as a separate entity, will now be merged with the Governance Working Group, forming a dedicated sub-committee focused on the intersection of token economics and governance, particularly around protocol parameters. Also note that the Tokenomics Working Group repo has now been moved to the Governance Working Group repo.
  2. Second, the Smart Contracts Working Group, formerly a standalone group, will be integrated into the User Experience (UX) Working Group. This integration will ensure a seamless connection between smart contract development and improved developer and user experience on Flow.

You can always find the latest information on these Working Groups in the GitHub page. If you have any further questions, either let us know in this thread or in the Flow Discord.

Your participation gives you a chance to shape the future of Flow, and we believe that together, we can achieve remarkable feats for both Flow and Web3 at large.

The Flow Foundation