Flow DeFI does not support any cold wallet (ledger)

There’s a significant issue stemming from Ledger’s lack of support for Flow arbitrary transactions. This limitation prevents us from utilizing Ledger outside of onFlow. Essentially, it means that whales, or large investors, can’t come in and increase Total Value Locked (TVL) on increment.fi defi dapp. The problem is compounded by the fact that only hot wallets are supported on these platforms.

It makes me wonder if anyone has delved into this issue further. Perhaps some research has been conducted on how we can store stFlow on Ledger or access NFT marketplaces using Ledger. It’s frustrating that, in 2024, this limitation remains a major drawback for anyone using Flow, hindering the ability to leverage Ledger on Flow dApps.

I’m considering conducting deeper research into this matter and even reaching out to the Ledger team to gather more information about the current status and any potential solutions.