Flow CLI - error: expected value of type `{String: String}

In Flow CLI I need input argument in format {String: String}.

In command line:
flow transactions send /…/file.cdc --args-json [’{“type”: “String”, “value”: “test”}’]
With output error:
error: invalid argument at index 0: expected value of type {String: String}

Can you give me example for this argument. I didn’t find how to solve it.
Thank you

Hey Jokere478
late reply but it may help other developers, to pass arguments like {String: String} in Flow CLI you will follow a specific JSON cadence format.

flow transactions send /…/file.cdc --signer account  --args-json '[{"type":"Dictionary", "value":[{"key":{"type":"String","value":"name"}, "value":{"type":"String","value":"Joker"} }] }]'