Flow Cli did not upgrated v0.34.x


I installed flow cli for windows and then terminal warns me the flow cli has a new version please upgrade.

I want to upgrade but there is nothing. My system flow cli is v0.33.x

I guess windows platform is not working.

Version warning: a new version of Flow CLI is available (v0.34.0).
Read the installation guide for upgrade instructions: https://docs.onflow.org/flow-cli/install

If you want to upgrade to the latest version you can run this command.

sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL https://storage.googleapis.com/flow-cli/install.sh)" -- v0.34.0

This will update your flow CLI to version 34.0

Do you have any knowledge for windows os?

iex "& { $(irm 'https://storage.googleapis.com/flow-cli/install.ps1') } -Version v0.34.0 "

Thanks. It is solved.