Error in withdrawing [Error Code: 1007] invalid proposal key

I tried to withdraw FUSD from my account but there is some error on the blockchain…What should I do? Can I get my funds back or continue the transaction?

[Error Code: 1007] invalid proposal key: public key 1 on account 66354c5538ccb01a has sequence number 8, but given 7

import FungibleToken from 0xf233dcee88fe0abe
import FUSD from 0x3c5959b568896393

transaction(amount: UFix64, to: Address) {

  // The Vault resource that holds the tokens being transferred
  let sentVault: @FungibleToken.Vault

  prepare(signer: AuthAccount) {
    // Get a reference to the signer''s stored vault
    let vaultRef = signer
      .borrow<&FUSD.Vault>(from: /storage/fusdVault)
      ?? panic("Could not borrow reference to the owner''s Vault!")

    // Withdraw tokens from the signer''s stored vault
    self.sentVault <- vaultRef.withdraw(amount: amount)

  execute {
    // Get the recipient''s public account object
    let recipient = getAccount(to)

    // Get a reference to the recipient''s Receiver
    let receiverRef = recipient
      ?? panic("Could not borrow receiver reference to the recipient''s Vault")

    // Deposit the withdrawn tokens in the recipient''s receiver
    receiverRef.deposit(from: <-self.sentVault)

thx for attention guys, I wish you will help me

Did you fix it? What happened? I have the same problem rn when I tried to buy FLOW via Moonpay