DKG/Epoch Schedule & Staking Availability Notice: 12/12-12/15

There was an unexpected outcome during the rollout of epochs which will alter the timing of the DKG period, beginning Sunday 12/12/21

Schedule this week:
DKG Start: Sunday 12/12 @ 9pm PT
DKG End: Tuesday 12/14 @ 3pm PT
Epoch End: Wednesday 12/15 @ 12pm PT

This means that staking will be unavailable during the period listed above (12/12 @ 9pm PT - 12/15 @ 12pm PT).

Flow Port will not present buttons to allow folks to make any staking actions during that time.

After next Wednesday it will return to the intended schedule :
DKG Start & End Period: Tuesday 12-3pm PT
Epoch End: Wednesday 12pm PT

Reward payout will still occur Tuesday 8AM PT

We apologize for this one-time inconvenience, and as mentioned above, the intended schedule will take effect going forward.

Thank you