Commodity Tokenization on Flow

Hi, dear Flowmates,

So far NBA Top Shot has been a fundamental step in introducing Flow as an innovation gate in the digital asset tokenization era. Would Flow leads breakthrough initiatives in other fields as well?
It has been a while that I am working on a business plan based on food product tokenization. I would like to weigh up the pros and cons of two or more blockchain networks as our infrastructure candidates.
What benefits and drawbacks do you think are in establishing commodity tokenization on Flow?

H dear Flowmates,
I found the article: “A Novel Blockchain-Based Product Ownership Management System (POMS) for Anti-Counterfeits in the Post Supply Chain” a good reference for commodity tokenization. This paper has proposed a method in Solidity language for the provenance proof of high-value goods. With that being said, my question is that how do you evaluate Flow as and cadence for deploying commodity ownership management system?
The link to the above-mentioned article:

Hi, dear Flomates,
The following article is on “Tracing manufacturing processes using blockchain-based
token compositions”. The presented method is on Ethterum, and I would like to know your idea about the pros and cons of implementing this method on Flow.

Great question @ahmad! Anything that can be implemented on Ethereum can also be implemented on Flow, and we believe that Flow is the better choice! :smiley:

Commodities require that the goods that you are tokenizing be secure and easy to handle, and the programming model of Cadence, (resources, capability security) allows you to have a lot of confidence when dealing with any sort of digital assets like these!

I would love to hear your ideas about how this could look on Flow, but you have definitely come to the right place! :smiley:

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Many thanks for your message @flowjosh

I am working on a business plan on commodity tokenization and traceability based on blockchain technology during the invention to innovation program(i2I) at Beedie School of Business at SFU.

It seems that Flow outperforms other solutions in terms of cost, efficiency, and ease of development. I need to learn more about Flow to weigh up the pros and cons. I started to learn cadence to better investigate the feasibility of developing my innovation on Flow. I think the resource-oriented attribute of Flow brings many benefits for commodity tokenization. It ensures the authenticity of tokenized products.

So far we have interviewed with players both from academia and industry to refine the value proposition and business model canvas. Based on our investigations, we believe that there is a huge market demand in British Columbia, Canada, and North America for tokenization and traceability, especially in the agriculture space. I have worked on the food ecosystem to prepare a prototype of the future product.

I am working on the business plan and I would love to present this innovation to you to have your insights and wisdom on it. It would be great to have your point of view about the feasibility of developing our innovation on Flow. :slightly_smiling_face: