Clarification on Error Message When Deploying Contracts in Flow after Opening Flowser

Hello everyone!

I recently opened Flowser to check on contracts and subsequently tried to deploy contracts in Flow using the flow deploy command. During this process, I encountered an error message indicating that the “MetadataViews” contract already exists in the “emulator-account”. For newcomers to Flow development, this message might come across as confusing.

I understood that the contract had been previously deployed, and thus, there’s no need to deploy it again. However, I believe it would be helpful if the message was clearer or provided guidance on the next steps.

For those starting out with Flow, it’s essential to remember that not all “error” messages indicate an actual issue. Sometimes, they merely provide information about the system’s current state.

I hope this helps other developers who might encounter the same situation, especially after using Flowser. If anyone has further insights or suggestions on handling messages like this, I’d love to hear!

Thank you!

To provide more context, I created the scaffold from the “Hybrid Custody” configuration, as referenced in the GitHub repository:

Thank you for the feedback @diegofornalha!

Please consider opening a GitHub issue for the improvement request.