Changes to the Docker image tag naming convention

hello node operators,

The naming convention for the without-netgo images will be changed slightly.
Instead of the docker image being tagged as v0.x.x-without-netgo, it will be tagged as v0.x.x+without-netgo, a + instead of a -.

e.g. v0.32.11-without-netgo becomes v0.32.11+without-netgo

or v0.32.11-patch.1-without-netgo becomes v0.32.11-patch.1+without-netgo

For more details and the reason for this change, see the PR: [CI] Use build tag for without-netgo by peterargue · Pull Request #5157 · onflow/flow-go · GitHub.

Feel free to leave any comments/feedback directly on the PR.

This will only apply to new images built going forward.

Thank you,
Flow Team

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