Account Linking & AuthAccount Capabilities Management

There’s been some great feedback shared so far! Commenting to note that recent discussions have led to updates on contract events & an interesting suggestion around implementing NFT & Metadata standards into this proposed contract.

To recap a brief conversation had with @dete, his idea is that implementing the NFT & Metadata standards would make it easier for wallets & dApps to support the new linked account standard from the perspective of viewing a main account’s linked accounts.

By implementing the MetadataViews standard at the Resolver & ResolverCollection levels, a linked account’s metadata (currently stored in ChildAccountInfo) could easily be resolved as a view, assuming we implement the attributes contained in the most commonly used NFT metadata views.

By implementing the NFT standard, we gain ease of delegation transfer from the main account - simply transfer the wrapping NFT to another account’s ChildAccountManager. The latter feature could also be a bug depending on your perspective.

Depending on consensus, we can take one standard without the other or both. Regardless, further implementing the MetadataViews standard would likely be a win either way. A section on this topic has been added to the FLIP.

If haven’t taken a look at the FLIP and provided feedback already, please do!

:point_right: FLIP #72