Hybrid Custody Community Review

The Contract for Hybrid Custody is at its final stages of its audit process, which means itโ€™s time for us to get a round of community feedback in case there are glaring issues or concerns we should handle before we can move to deployment to testnet and mainnet for this first version.

Anyone who is interested, please take a look at the source here:

And some fantastic starter documentation by @gio_on_flow here:

If anyone has questions, please reach out to me here, on discord, or you can find me on twitter here. Iโ€™ll summarize any notes or comments I get back here so we have one place to track this.

Past discussion:

  1. Forums post here
  2. Flowโ€™s discord is where weโ€™ve been tracking daily updates starting here

Shoutout for some really great documentation here - especially with all of the diagrams and code snippets to get whatโ€™s in child accounts and etc.

My only feedback really is a TLDR somewhere in the intro docs on the process - i.e. publish, claim, etc to make it happen somewhere earlier in the docs. But, the process generally makes sense, love the multi-sign transaction option too


Closing the loop here - HC contracts have been deployed to Mainnet!

Please take a look at the deployment & governance plan as well as the updated FLIP and share any feedback/questions.