Why so high staking requirements to run nodes

Hi, every one,
I was reading through the documentation, and saw the minimum of Flow requirements to run the different type of nodes, and made me wonder if these kind of values promote centralization instead of decentralization.
Like many other blockchains with similar approaches and high staking values to run nodes, they have been more centralized than decentralized, due to the voting power be all in one place, because its delegated.
Plus high staking requirements means more investment, and the hole point of the blockchain technology is decentralization, be it in power, money, etc, and these requirements mean giving the top 1% more than what they already have, thus keeping it all in one place.

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Staking requirements have to be a certain amount because we need to ensure that node operators have sufficiently staked tokens in the network that they are incentivized to behave properly. The run up of the FLOW price has definitely taken us off guard though, so we are going to re-examine the prices to make sure that they are accessible and secure

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