When will FLOW be available in the US?

Hey guys, looks like you’re doing great work here. I was really excited to jump in, until I realized you can’t buy FLOW in the US. I tried all three exchanges I see listed for it, HuobiGlobal, Kraken & HitBTC.
I also tried trading for it on Gate.io. No joy.

Here are my questions:

  1. When will FLOW be available in the US?
  2. I bought dapper from: https://accounts.meetdapper.com/ - how can I exchange that for FLOW?
  3. Are there any live sites enabling users to mint NFT’s on FLOW?
  4. When minting NFT’s with files (ie. mp3) - are the files encrypted in the block, or referenced with ipfs hash?


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  1. Currently, regulations prevent US and Canadian residents from purchasing FLOW. If any of these change, they will make sure to let the entire community know.

  2. I don’t think that’s possible at the moment

  3. Well you could encode and store files on the blockchain inside account storages. However, accounts need to have a deposit of 1 FLOW / MB of storage used. It’s rather expensive per-MB so it’s not suitable for storing big binary files such as MP3s. Storing them in IPFS and using the hash as reference inside the NFT resource like you said would be the way to go.

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Thanks yondercode,

Is there an email announcement list I can join to be notified when Flow will be available in the US?

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What exchanges are FLOW TOKENS on? What is the contract address so I know I am buying the correct token also?

Hi @dabdragon, you can see the exchanges currently available in CMC: Flow (Dapper Labs) price today, FLOW live marketcap, chart, and info | CoinMarketCap

There’s no contract address since FLOW is not an ERC20 token (if that’s what you meant), it’s a new layer-1 blockchain.

Would anyone know which regulations are the ones prohibiting US availability? Also why topshots is available?