Way to become a major chain beyond the Ethereum

Hi everyone,
I’m Inuta.

Do you know how Flow blockchain can surpass the Ethereum ecosystem? I have some specific ideas about it.

I believe that Flow is the blockchain that the next billion people should use. Its architecture and design philosophy are excellent. Cadence is optimized for mainstream customers to own NFTs.

While there are still some technical improvements to be made, why is the Flow blockchain, which is so outstanding, not being widely adopted? To address this fundamental issue, I have launched a project called Tobiratory and am currently developing an app.

Let’s have a discussion about this. I will write out specific strategies for Flow to achieve great success in the future. Please share your thoughts as well.

To fully explain, it would require a vast amount of text, so I’d like to break it down into smaller parts. This time, I want to delve into the investigation of the root causes of why Flow blockchain is not being used and propose solutions.
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