Unable to deploy Kittie Items to testnet

Hi all,

I was following the instructions of Kitty Items to deploy it to Testnet.
It was stuck at the deploy step:

% flow project deploy --network testnet -f flow.json -f flow.testnet.json
❌ Config Error: deployment contains nonexisting network testnet

Reading the flow.json it seems the network testnet is defined.
Could anyone shed some light how to resolve it?


For some reason my post is not shown in New To Flow list?

It looks like you are trying to use two different flow.json files. Can you try removing -f flow.testnet.json from the list and rerunning? That might solve your problem

Hi @flowjosh thanks for reply.
The command is from the deployment instruction of Kitty Items project.
If I removed the flow.testnet.json it does not deploy anything:

% flow project deploy --network testnet -f flow.json

⚠️  Version warning: a new version of Flow CLI is available (v0.28.2).
   Read the installation guide for upgrade instructions: https://docs.onflow.org/flow-cli/install

Deploying 0 contracts for accounts:

✨ All contracts deployed successfully

It turned out flow-client outdated. Upgraded to 0.28 issue resolved!