Transaction Error

import React, {useState} from “react”

import * as fcl from “@onflow/fcl”

import styled from ‘styled-components’

import * as t from “@onflow/types”

const Card = styled.div`

margin: 10px 5px;

padding: 10px;

border: 1px solid #c0c0c0;

border-radius: 5px;


const Header = styled.div`

font-size: 16px;

font-weight: 600;

margin-bottom: 5px;


const Code = styled.pre`

background: #f0f0f0;

border-radius: 5px;

max-height: 300px;

overflow-y: auto;

padding: 5px;


const simpleTransaction = fcl.cdc`

import NonFungibleToken from 0x4fc019cea9fc4817

import KittyItems from 0x4fc019cea9fc4817

// This transction uses the NFTMinter resource to mint a new NFT.


// It must be run with the account that has the minter resource

// stored at path /storage/NFTMinter.

transaction(recipient: Address, typeID: UInt64) {


    // local variable for storing the minter reference

    let minter: &KittyItems.NFTMinter

    prepare(signer: AuthAccount) {

        // borrow a reference to the NFTMinter resource in storage

        self.minter = signer.borrow<&KittyItems.NFTMinter>(from: KittyItems.MinterStoragePath)

            ?? panic("Could not borrow a reference to the NFT minter")


    execute {

        // get the public account object for the recipient

        let recipient = getAccount(recipient)

        // borrow the recipient's public NFT collection reference

        let receiver = recipient



            ?? panic("Could not get receiver reference to the NFT Collection")

        // mint the NFT and deposit it to the recipient's collection

        self.minter.mintNFT(recipient: receiver, typeID: typeID)




const SendTransaction = () => {

const [status, setStatus] = useState(“Not started”)

const [transaction, setTransaction] = useState(null)

const sendTransaction = async (event) => {



const blockResponse = await fcl.send([



const block = await fcl.decode(blockResponse)

try {

  const typeID = 1 

  const recipient = fcl.currentUser()

  console.log(recipient, "address")

  const tx = await fcl.send([




      fcl.arg(String(recipient), t.Address),

      fcl.arg(Number(typeID), t.UInt64)








  const { transactionId } = tx

  setStatus(`Transaction (${transactionId}) sent, waiting for confirmation`)

  const unsub = fcl


    .subscribe(transaction => {


      if (fcl.tx.isSealed(transaction)) {

        setStatus(`Transaction (${transactionId}) is Sealed`)




} catch (error) {


  setStatus("Transaction failed")



return (




  <button onClick={sendTransaction}>



  <Code>Status: {status}</Code>

  {transaction && <Code>{JSON.stringify(transaction, null, 2)}</Code>}




export default SendTransaction

I am getting an error

“errorMessage”: “[Error Code: 1101] cadence runtime error Execution failed:\nerror: invalid argument at index 0: decodeing argument failed: [Error Code: 1052] transaction arguments are invalid: (argument is not json decodable: failed to decode value: invalid JSON Cadence structure)\n–> e62e0a73f58393b12c36d36f73cda31a57e854c7d5a3f9ee6e3718b4b4055460\n”,

I’m not a javascript developer, so I can’t help you with the details, but it looks like you aren’t adding the transaction arguments to your transactions properly. I would double check the section in your sdk code where you add arguments to the transaction to make sure it is ok. Does that make sense?

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this part is wrong, you need to get user with:

fcl.currentUser().subscribe(user => {//store user somewhere })

then you can use it as parameter.