TheMasterPiece - Buy Draw Sell

Hello everybody,

I would like to present the “TheMasterPiece” project to you.

TESTNET Available publicly at
This project is developed by a team of traders, developers and artists.
It is a community work of art.

TheMasterPiece project is an 8K picture composed of 33 177 600 pixels.
Each pixel is an NFT storing a color and its position (X,Y)

Pixels will be minted and distributed step by step, enabling a community of owners to contribute to TheMasterPiece and to join painting this picture through time. The storage necessary to hold all the pixels will be distributed among the user community. The storage for a representative user holding 500 pixels, will be 98kB, costing only F0.001.

After a quarter of TheMasterPiece is distributed, a marketplace will be activated to authorize everyone to resell their pixels at the price they want.The exchange will be managed using the Flow token.

This project for the first time in the world of NFTs will enable

  • to display an 8k NFT
  • to purchase an NFT from 0.01F
  • to provide the liquidity of Fungible Token market to a Non Fungible Token market
  • to represent a whole crypto market as a unique constantly evolving piece of art.

We would like to develop a community of over 320,000 users, while reaching people who do not know the world of NFts.

TheMasterPiece is a fully on chain project, providing only static pages connecting users to the Flow blockchain through FCL, no data is stored at our servers, nothing is managed outside of Flow smart contracts. Smart contracts were designed to provide the highest performance while minimizing computation, transaction and storage costs.

Kind Regards,