Testnet account creation transaction fees issue

I am using flow blockchain test network and getting below issue while creating a new account using Go SDK:
In the signer/parent account total flow balance deducted as 0.10010000 where in flow documentation it is mentioned 0.001 flow should be deducted (Key Concepts - Flow Documentation)
Ideally in my understanding this 0.1 flow deducted should be credited to newly created account in my case newly created account is getting balance as 0.00100000 where this excessive deducted flow is elapsing
Also as per the documentation Transaction Fee should be : 0.000001 FLOW where It is actually deducting 0.00010000
Can somebody help to explain what is wrong here, why there is discrepancy in what is mentioned in doc versus actual transaction fees in testnet
I am using below cadence code to add account which is a standard code taken from flow sdk examples git hub repo I am no passing contract argument here I am just passing public keys

const createAccountTemplate = `
transaction(publicKeys: [String], contracts: {String: String}) {
prepare(signer: AuthAccount) {
let acct = AuthAccount(payer: signer)

	for key in publicKeys {

	for contract in contracts.keys {
		acct.contracts.add(name: contract, code: contracts[contract]!.decodeHex())


@TheOneSock Do you think you could take a look at this?