Roadmap for Dapper

Is there a roadmap for the Dapper wallet integration? Are we going to able to have similar UX as the NBA Top Shot where Dapper is used both for login and transactions?

I think this would be a killer feature for Flow and something the NFT world needs desperately. Installing browser extensions like metamask, transferring crypto etc. is a showstopper in so many industries where your customers are not powerusers.

Dapper doesn’t have a roadmap, but definitely plans to open up so that any approved app can use it with a similar workflow to Top Shot. They are actively working on it

Thank you for clarifying this. Any more info on the timeline would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I second the OP on this. This feature would be very important for a lot of use cases in order to expand NFTs beyond power users.

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@juice @acflow Dapper uses Circle Payments | The next generation payments processing solution, the wallet they built is custom, but you can build your own. You will see a lol of projects start implementing circles’s on and off ramping.

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Thank you. Will take a look.

Thanks, that’s a great point. Still building our own custodial wallet would feel like a bit of an overkill / reinventing the wheel. It would be nice to be able to integrate with something like dapper instead.