October Pre-Spork Community Update - 10/05/21

Hello community,

We wanted to provide an update to the community around several critical points ahead of the upcoming Mainnet 14 spork on October 6, 2021, and going forward. We’d also like to thank everyone that has been executing around Flow protocol updates; we expect to reduce the frequency from monthly to quarterly.

We also wanted to share that recent cadence storage updates reduced the storage used for all accounts on the network!

The average storage change was a reduction of 3,205 bytes.

Quantstamp Reviewing Smart Contracts
On October 5th, Quantstamp will receive full capabilities to deploy smart contracts to Flow mainnet as a community approved reviewer, with the mandate of providing accelerated security reviews to the Flow community. Two other global smart contract auditing firms are in final stages of onboarding as approved reviewers.

Any smart contract reviewed by an approved reviewers can be deployed to Mainnet immediately. To learn more about Quantstamp, head over to their official website

For clarity, no review from Dapper Labs is required to deploy to Flow Mainnet.

Consensus Node Community Update
We wanted to share a community-wide update on upcoming consensus node changes.
Dapper Labs has reduced their consensus node operation to less than 1/3 of all consensus nodes. The community is now running 68% of consensus nodes.

An additional 5 consensus node operator positions will be auctioned as part of MVP Staking Auction release. These five consensus node seats will be available for the community in an upcoming spork.

Transaction Fee Implementation Date Change
This is an update regarding the implementation of the first phase of Transaction Fees, which will be a flat fee of 0.00001 FLOW applied to every transaction submitted to the network.
Previously, we announced that these would be introduced on October 7, 2021. That date has now been moved to 7:30am PT (2:30pm UTC) October 16, 2021.

For full information regarding transaction fees, please visit the full breaking change announcement previously shared.
As a reminder, these changes are currently implemented on Canarynet and Testnet, so you can prepare ahead of time.

For clarity, Flow makes it easy for apps or wallets to pay transaction fees on behalf of users, and both Blocto and Dapper will continue to do so.

Permissionless Access Nodes coming to Flow
As another major update toward increasing participation in the core infrastructure layer of the network, anyone in the community will be able to spin up a new Flow access node permissionlessly. This greatly facilitates development as well as decentralization.

Accelerated Epochs Timing
This is a notice to inform the community that there will be three epochs cycles this week (week of 10/4/21). This means that unstaking and restaking requests will be processed on an accelerated timeline over the course of October 5th and 6th.

All staking requests submitted by October 4th will be processed over this 48 hour period, rather than the usual two week timeline. We hope this helps support the community in managing their FLOW tokens for upcoming community events.

Important Note: This will not affect the standard reward payout schedule. Rewards will be paid out as usual the morning of October 5, these additional epoch runs will have no impact on this. The accelerated epochs schedule is exclusively in regards to speeding up unstaking and restaking requests.

Reward revocation: Node operator uptime is affecting network performance
This is a notice to inform all node operators on Flow that there will be reward revocations going forward to address node operator uptime that is impacting network performance.

A node must be up for 80% of an epoch to receive their full reward payout. If your node uptime falls below this threshold, your rewards are subject to revocation.

If you are delegating to a node that has less than 80% uptime, your rewards could be impacted by this. Please be aware of this update going forward and make adjustments to the node you are delegating to accordingly.

Thank you :ocean: