Not getting a response from Faucet

Hi, I am new to flow and working through the online materials. I am trying to create a testnet account via It said that I should receive an e-mail shortly, but I still haven’t received it after a couple days. Any idea?


Thank you for sending me the e-mail. However, it still doesn’t work for me. After clicking the link and the activate account button, it says the account confirmation link is no longer valid. Any idea?


Hey @acflow! We actually have a new faucet up now:

The best part is that it doesn’t require emails :slight_smile:

Awesome. That works great!

Hi Pete,

Can you let me know if this link is still valid and working? I am getting some strange on page behaviour. When submitting the form it processes the account details but doesn’t redirect anywhere or display any data. I’d have expected it to display account data.

Thanks in advance for any help