Node Operator Breaking Change: DKG Enabled, Database Update - 10/06/21

In Mainnet14, the DKG (distributed key generation) will be enabled, requiring storage of dynamically generated confidential data (random beacon keys). These are stored in a separate database which is new with the Mainnet14 release.

This change will go into effect:

MainNet: 10-06-2021, after the mainnet spork is complete at approximately 11:00 AM PT

Who/What This Impacts

Any node operators not using the standard database and volume setup may need to adjust their configuration to accomodate the new database.

Action Required

  1. Prepare to add a new flag denoting the location of the new database.

There will be a new required flag for all node roles (--secretsdir) that specifies the location of the database. The default recommended value is --secretsdir=/data/secretsif you use the recommended value for --datadir (eg. /data/protocol) and bind the data volume in the host to /data in the container.

  1. Enable encryption for the database.

Please follow this guide to generate an encryption key and enable encryption for the database.

If you have any questions regarding this, please reach out for assistance on the Flow Discord.

Thank you