New to FLOW and Go - Querying for all Market.MomentListed events

I went through a Golang course just to be able to work on a small idea for a friend.

I’m trying to find some documentation around the types of events that I can query for.

I currently am successfully getting a list of events for height range

flowClient.GetEventsForHeightRange(context.Background(), client.EventRangeQuery{
	Type:        "A.c1e4f4f4c4257510.Market.MomentListed",
	StartHeight: latestBlock.Height - 500,
	EndHeight:   latestBlock.Height,

But the type is where I’m being thrown off. Seems that it’s formatted as A.{contract}.Market.MomentListed - The thing is I’m not interested the specific contract, I just want all moment listed events. Do I need to query for all contracts within a height range first then loop over those and then get events that match?

If someone could point me in the right direction. Sorry if this is a stupid question I’m new to both Go and Flow and developing for crypto in general. Coming from JS land (typescript), it’s a little overwhelming to say the least lol