Is it possible to extract all historical NBA topshot data from flow

I am new to this obviously and have been trying to figure out whether this is possible or not. So far I have heard opinions that are controversial with each other. One opinion is it is not possible because access nodes only have access to the last 256 blocks, the other opinion is you can loop through all the block heights and then find the info you need. I guess my question is:

  1. is it even possible to pull all the topshot data?
  2. if it is possible, what is the best way/tools?

Any directions are highly appreciated! Thank you!


You should have a look at indexers that provide ingestion service such as Alchemy ( & Graffle ( You should define what you mean by “data”. Indeed if you want to compute the overall sales volume on the secondary market, you’ll query all the MomentPurchased events of the 3 marketplace smart contracts that lived in the same address (


Thanks for the info.

I was able to figure out how to fetch data from current spork and past sporks. However, based on the info listed on this page: Past Spork Info - Flow Documentation
Only Mainnet 1 and sporks have access nodes, meaning people can access them. Mainnet 1 and after only have block heights 7601063 and above. Is there a way to access all the past Candidate sporks?