How to count items minted

How do we count the number of times a item is minted? can we query it.
I dont have an function on my contract to this, is there is a way to query it.

my minting function looks like below,

recipient.deposit(token: <-create Momentables.NFT(initID: demo.totalSupply, initDemoId: demoId, name: name,description:description,imageCID: imageCID))

You can count that from the total supply as a mint is created the total supply is incremented by 1, and when you want to know that how much the items are minted, simply call the total supply global variable of the contract.

@NasirAliShah Thanks, I know about total supply, But my question is say there are items like car, bike, jet and i have minted each of them multiple times, now i want to count each of the them say car minted 5 times, bike minted 10 times.