Hello! I am portuguese

My name is João Lopes, I am finishing my master’s degree in software engineering in Portugal. I started developing ethereum dApps with adventure corporation as an intern back in April and never stopped since!

Now I pretend building a new project idea on flow in my free time. I hope I can give you great news in a few weeks!

Feel free to connect via twitter -> @jnuno98



Welcome to Flow @jnuno98
Can’t wait to see what you are building :star_struck:

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Hi! Just followed you on twitter, let’s keep in touch :beers:


lets go :clap:

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Hey João,

Great to see your post. Where in Portugal are you based? I live in Lisbon and am engaged in crypto stuff. I have a number of friends here who are as well. I wonder if there’s potential to link up?

hey, I live in Braga, up in the north.

don’t go to Lisbon often, but if I go I’ll connect!

if you ever come to Porto or Braga send a message as well :slight_smile:

I will do. Came to Braga a couple of months ago - what a beautiful place. I’m sure I’ll be up north sometime soon, so I’ll drop you a line.

All the best!

Glad that you liked it!

It is my home town

all the best!