Height Co-ordinated Flow mainnet upgrade on 12th April (Tuesday) at 8:15 AM Pacific (3:15 PM UTC)

Hello Node Operator,

We will perform a height coordinated upgrade on Flow mainnet on 12th April at 8:15 AM Pacific. Please be prepared to update your Flow node at that time.

Actions needed from your side on 12th April:

  1. For all node types other than an Execution node, please update your docker to the new tag that will be provided that day as part of an announcement and restart the node. Do not delete the data folder.

  2. For the execution node, please run the admin command that will be provided, and then once a specified height has been reached, the node will stop. At this point, update the docker to the new tag and start the node. Do not delete the data folder.

For Verification node, please complete this action within one hour of the announcement.

For other node types, please complete it within 24 hrs or the announcement.

If you are running multiple nodes, please restart the nodes one after the other (instead of all at once).

This is NOT a spork, and the network will keep running during the upgrade.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Flow Team.