Getting Started as an Node Operator / Joining the Testnet

I am looking to get started as a node operator by joining the FLOW testnet.

I am wondering if this is possible/recommended (or should I just jump straight to mainnet?). I have reviewed the directions here: Node Bootstrap - Flow Documentation, however they seem to apply only to mainnnet.

In particular, I am wondering what the testnet equivalent of this step is: Node Bootstrap - Flow Documentation. Do we need to receive the ${TOKEN} referenced in this step of the docs from the Flow team?

Also, do any of the other steps listed in the documentation need to be modified for testnet?



Same question. Could someone help us?

Just like mainnet, testnet has an approved list of node operators that the flow team currently has to manually change from time to time to add or remove nodes. I don’t think we are adding nodes to testnet at the moment, but we’ll make sure to make an announcement if we open it up!

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So in order to start up a set of nodes and join the testnet, we’ll need to coordinate w/ Dapper?

Yes, for now that is true, but it will most likely be easier in the future.