FlowAccessApi for testnet not working properly

I’ve submitted my transaction on Testnet and got the transaction id successfully. But even after 15 minutes transaction result is showing as pending while on flow-view-source it shows that transaction is executed.
I am using access.devnet.nodes.onflow.org:9000 to access FlowAccessApi.

https://testnet.flowscan.org/transaction/94f56dcfa67dd3713d4a64ce4a5e7e7643e9fb9459e1c3ff9365011714235196 flowScan testnet shows transaction status as pending.

this shows as transaction sealed successfully.

Please guide us if we’re using correct flowaccess endpoints. Our transaction is stuck for more than hours with pending status.

Hiya @sandeep, Testnet was processing transactions unusually slower at the time of your post. We are aware of the issue and hopefully has been resolved :slight_smile:

Let me know if this is still the case for you