Flow status page update


The Flow status page (https://status.onflow.org/) has been updated to provide a more granular level of status reporting for Flow mainnet.


  • Flow mainnet status on the status page is now divided into Flow mainnet core components and Flow mainnet Access APIs.
  • If you have built any automation around the Flow status page, please update it to use these new Flow mainnet component groups.

As you are aware, Flow has a multi-role architecture and correspondingly the status of the network is defined by taking into account the status of the different components that make up Flow.

Accordingly, the status page now has two separate component groups for reporting the mainnet status -

  1. Flow mainnet core components - This represents all the core processes required for the Flow protocol - collection finalization, block finalization, transaction execution and block sealing. If any of these core processes are down, that status of that process and the Flow mainnet core components will be reported as ā€˜major outageā€™. Other possible statuses can be ā€˜degraded performanceā€™ when any of the processes are underperforming and ā€˜under maintenanceā€™ when the network is being updated such as during a spork.
  2. Flow mainnet Access APIs This represents the Access API served by the community Access nodes and is comprised of three different APIs - GRPC API, GRPC Web API and the REST API. If any one of these APIs is not available that particular API will report a ā€˜major outageā€™ and so will the status of the Flow Access APIs. The other possible status is ā€˜under maintenance.

The previous Flow mainnet status page component is now deprecated and will be eventually removed.

If you have implemented any automation around Status page updates delivered via Webhook or the Atom or RSS Feed, please make sure you switch to the two new component groups for Flow mainnet.

Finally, as a reminder, here is the blog post describing where to find information about network updates.

Thank you,

Flow Team

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