Flow Staking Question


So from the documentation I read as a delegator I will receive 92% of my stake as a reward. IE:

I delegate 100 flow to a node. In a week I will receive 92 flow? or 4.6 flow at 5% reward weekly?


You receive 92% of the rewards for your staked tokens, which depend on many variables:

5% APY refers the the total number of FLOW minted as rewards, not the amount that stakers should expect to receive. It is also an annual number, not a weekly number

Hi Josh,

thanks for your response can you give an example as the documentation is kind of confusing. as some places it says weekly and other says apy.

New Reward(user) = Tr  * (Sn / St)  

so for the next epoch just making some made up numbers for some round numbers.

1.2M FLOW * ( 100(mystake)/1M(totalstaked)) = 120* .92 = 110.4 flow in a week.

is this the correct calculation?

or can you provide some clarity?

Yes your example with the made-up numbers is correct, although you might want to reduce it by 8% for the node operator fee.

Currently the total amount staked is 1,251,843,645 FLOW

I’ll give you a specific example, a couple epochs ago. After staking 50.0094 FLOW for one week, the staking reward was 0.0924 FLOW, which is around 0.185% per week of the staked amount.