Flow Side Project Help Questions :)

Hi everyone, Nice to meet you!

I am a freshly out of college grad working on a side project for helping students at my local high school raise money for different school trips via NFTs. I had two questions:

So really new to Flow, and I apologize if this question has been answered already haha but how do we assign a creater royalty? and can we assign multiple royalties 2 or even 3 different accounts? (i.e. if two or more separate students made the nft together)

Second is, is do people need coin to currently a purchase a NFT on flow? Is there a set of APIs that allow users to either convert their dollar to coin and cash out for the same amount via a stable coin? Would love an example of documentation or guidance on this?

Thanks again for all the help :slight_smile: and looking forward to contributing to the flow community!

There are many different ways you could do royalties! You could include capabilities to the creators’ fungible token vaults in the NFT and specify a cut percentage in the marketplace for example, and deposit the cut into the creators vault. What ideas do you have?

For your second question, different apps have different ways of doing payments. Dapper Wallet uses credit card for NBA Top Shot and they use an internal token for record keeping, but some other projects use FLOW or FUSD (stable-coin)

Using a credit card is definitely the most difficult and risky part of it and requires a lot of regulatory planning and technical work.

Josh, thanks! We want collaborators (poets, artists, musicians) to be able to each have their royalties baked into the NFT for future sales. Can flow make this possible? Do you have recommended programmers that can use flow to help us create akin to NBAtopshot (using fiat too)?

Awesome! The community recently approved the NFT metadata standard: https://github.com/onflow/flow/blob/master/flips/20210916-nft-metadata.md

They are now working on a view for it that can be used for general royalties. That might be a good place to start!