Flow Rosetta

I’m trying to operate the flow rosetta implementation from here.

I understand that this repo is a work in progress but is there any information/timeline/support around this and getting rosetta nodes up and running?

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hi @sawru did you encounter an issue building it with docker build . ?

Hi @sawru, the original project can be found at the Flow DPS Rosetta repository:

There is no dockerized version available, but the documents in the repository itself, and in the Flow DPS repository that it depends on should give you a good idea on how to run it.

The implementation is complete in so far that it tracks Flow transactions that happen with the standard token storage path and with the token standard functions. The limitations are thus that it doesn’t track tokens thar are in non-standard token storage paths, and it does not track moving the vault resources themselves.

This also means that it does not pass the reconciliation of the Rosetta CLI on the main Flow network, because there are some edge cases where balances change without Flow DPS being able to tell so. You also need access to the execution data or an execution node to run this.

We would love to run the infrastructure, but it is non-trivial to get this access at the moment. The project is therefore not actively maintained at the moment.