Flow Ecosystem Update - Jan 15, 2021


NBA Top Shot crushed some record breaking goals recently, all while running smoothly on top of Flow mainnet.

  • $400K+ in Marketplace sales in the previous 24 hours
  • $10M+ in total sales on NBA Top Shot while in beta
  • $2M+ in Marketplace Transactions over the last week alone
  • 47K+ Base Set Packs sold since this Wednesday Jan 13th
  • 2,000+ unique collectors have purchased a pack since Wednesday
  • Record-setting sale of a Ja Morant Moment for $35K (most ever spent on a Moment)

Learn more about what NBA Top Shot has been up to and join the new generation of fandom here.

T-Systems Joins Flow’s Ecosystem

For crypto to go mainstream we need a high throughput network that doesn’t compromise on decentralization. We are excited to announce our partnership with T-systems, a subsidiary of the largest telecommunications provider in Europe, Deutsche Telekom. As part of the partnership, T-Systems will be running an Execution Node, significantly contributing to Flow’s computing capacity and helping to scale the network for the next billion users without compromising on decentralization.

Learn more about the partnership here.

What has Chainmonsters been up to?

Chainmonsters, developed by B-Side Games, just recently closed their successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $120,000 from 700+ backers. Now they are gearing to launch their game ecosystem NFTs, including super limited edition Crystal Chainmons and early access pass, on VIV3 marketplace in the coming weeks. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on some exclusive NFTs.

Check out Flow’s Guest Blog highlighting this and more here.

Project Highlight: Chainlink

As the real and virtual worlds merge and more data than ever is transferred, it’s crucial for blockchains to securely incorporate that external data into dapps. What’s needed are decentralized oracle networks, such as Chainlink. Johann Eid, Product Manager at Chainlink Labs, answers questions on the project’s value proposition, opportunities, and long-term vision for smart contracts.

Read more and learn about what they’re up to in their Project Highlight here.

How to Fund a Blockchain Startup?

In every startup’s journey, a moment comes when the question “How to fund it?” demands an answer. The answer will be different depending on the industry the startup finds itself in, and this dependence seems to play an even larger role when referring to the blockchain space.

Guest blog post by Mateusz Rzeszowski covers techniques and strategies on how to fund your next block project.